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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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busy bay area highway. the ripple effect on your morning commute, next. and we're looking at that as well as a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the trouble that you'll encounter, but the disrupted flow that might benefit some, coming up. and we have a wild weather pattern to tell you about as well. this is a little bananas. hot today with a few showers. muggy again tomorrow, and then, we will bring in that dry heat, but you're going to have to wait for it. your microclimate weather forecast is moments away. plus tense moments in san jose. the fear of explosions forced crews to evacuate an entire neighborhood overnight. plus a live look at san jose right now. little bit of cloud cover there, but a lovely start to this monday, july 28th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning, and thanks for being with us today. i'm kris sanchez in for laura
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garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. happening right now, massive load of bananas and overturned big rig causing a massive havoc for the morning -- headache for the morning drive in livermore. it collided with a stopped pickup truck on interstate 580 just after the pass there. in the commute direction. no word on why the pickup stopped on the highway in the first place. the big rig then veered across the lanes, it tipped over, spims most of the 6 -- spimed most of the 60,000 -- spilled most of the 60,000 pounds of bananas. >> however they recategorized that as an 1182. minor injury crash. we're waiting for all the details to come in. there you go. west 580, this is a big backup towards greenville. scott and kris, showed you that video of the overturned video on the shoulder. 7:00, 8:00 until they can clear that. that's going to jam it up and into livermore, but by the time
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you get tote vasco, that's where a majority of view lers get. you're getting a benefit from the traffic backed up. west 84 through pleasanton shows a light e flow of traffic. we'll show you that traffic is light and smooth past the el charro exit and tassahara. and westbound of course with your headlights. we'll track this, we'll have that coming up in a second. >> thank you very much, mike. new morning, it was a tense hour in san jose as crews worked quickly to put out a fire next to a propane farm. crews had to shut down interstate 280 in both directions for two minutes and evacuate the neighborhood nearby for a while. the investigators say the fire started outside the propane farm in some trees, quickly making its way towards dozens of tanks. crews called for backup as managed to stop the flames before any of those tanks exploded. investigators now trying to figure out how this all started in the first place. we can tell you it did start
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around 11:00 last night near interstate 280 and sixth street. developing this morning. hundreds of people in northern california waiting to find out if their homes made it through the night. crews are making progress against the sand fire burning near sacramento with more than 500 homes still threatened this morning. the fire started on friday. it's already burned almost 4,000 acres. ten homes have been destroyed it along with seven sheds and shacks. . right now crews have about half the fire surrounded. 30 firefighters are on the front lines of the sand fire include manager from the south bay. we are expecting a major announcement from the city of san bruno this morning having to do with pge and that deadly natural gas line explosion four years ago that killed eight people, and destroyed dozens of homes. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from san bruno, and bob, at the route of thpz a relationship that the city of san bruno says is far too cozy between pge and the cpuc.
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>> reporter: correct, and as a result, kris, this morning the city of san bruno will announce it'll be taking what kind of actions against the california public utility's commission and pge after it obtained what documents that it says shows quote, illegal conduct between the cpuc and the utility. now this is significant because the commission which oversees pge is in the pros of determining how to penalize the facility. if there is this, quote, cozy relationship, then the question becomes, how can the commission be impartial when it comes to calculating that penalty for pge's role in that explosion? for example, among the 7,000 documents the city obtained through a lawsuit, is an e-mail between michael peevy, president of the commission, and pge. with peevy giving them public relation's advice on how to handle the federal indictment against the facilities. state lawmaker jerry hill who
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represents san bruno calls the relationship too cozy, too close, and inappropriate. >> and that's what these e-mails show. is that the utilities have been working the commissioners, they've been communicating closely, and that coziness just is not what we expected. >> reporter: pge released a statement after these documents were released, quote, we're absolutely committed to conducting ourselves ethical manner at all times. we will review all the e-mails to ensure the high standard was upheld. we reached out to the cpuc. it complied be the information requests for those documents but did not weigh in on the other accusations. again, city of san bruno, mayor along with state senator jerry hill will make a major announcement, that's what they're calling it. 9:00 this morning on the steps of the cpuc which is headquartered in san francisco. reporting live here in san bruno, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we will of course be there, thank you very much, bob.
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meanwhile, bay area state senator is calling for a criminal probe. we'll talk more about, well, constructions on this, the new bay bridge. "today in the bay's" nannette miranda live at the bridge, nannette, the state senator calling caltrans knew that work was sub-par. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. new california senate report is expected to be out this week, and in it it'll apparently show that caltrans knowingly accepted substandard work. state senator running for congress says the findings are so bad he's calling for a criminal investigation into the project's management and construction problem. he wants the california attorney general or u.s. attorney to look into this. according to the sacramento bee, the report is also expected to confirm the caltrans knowingly accepted flawed and potentially hazardous work by a firm in china that welded much of the new spans roadway and tower. the six and a half billion bridge opened last fall after years of delay and $5 billion
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above original estimates. the remaining issues include misaligned and cracked welds that could lead to deck fractures, tower foundation concrete has tested very poor, anchor rods on the suspension's span may not be reliable, and leaks in the suspension's span are partly to blame for corrosion. both caltrans director and metropolitan transportation commission executive director say the bridge is safe, and solid and will last 150 years. state senators will hold a hearing next week, august 5th, on this new report. and he expects that the testimony will be quote, quite disturbing. live on treasure island, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> we'll keep watching it, nannette, thank you. it is 6:07 now, time to check your microclimate forecast as we look live at foster city, and we see some dreary looking
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skies to start this morning. but it'll be nice and hot by this afternoon. christina loren joins us now with a look at the forecast, hi. >> and a few showers on the way as well. let's get right into it. lots to go over. just a little bit of time. and you might be trying to get out that front door. so let me tell you everything you need to know for your monday. back to work. sunol showing you live look here, we have a cloudy sky to kick off the days with temperatures in the 60s. 62 degrees for oakland, 61 degrees in san jose. we have showers coming down right now, south of the bay area. if you're going to be headed down into los angeles and taking a central valley, you're going to run into showers down there, also monterrey getting your first action of the morning. all that slated to move up the north baby about -- bay by about noon today. we're running about eight to ten degrees cooler that the hour. 24 hours ago, especially in
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places like livermore into this afternoon, what little cloud cover we do have throughout is going to be burning off quickly. we'll jump into the forecast coming up in just a minute. right now let's check your drive, here's mike inouye. all right dplais, big deal -- guys, big deal of the day, big rig on its side. not supposed to be there. and it's not supposed to be on the side of the road. 60,000 pounds of bananas is being offloaded right now. then they can try to right the rig. there may be potentially a fuel leak as well. no updates on that. it's property damage, but no major injuries, no minor injuries reported there. i think there's a scratch or two. look at the map, that is a slow down that's left the injury to the commute jammed out of the pass. by the time you goat greenville and vasco, you're fine for 580. even highway 84 showing a lighter flow of traffic. pleasanton down through subl and
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680 past the ge plant. south bay northbound route eased off. let's get at live look out there. you'll see the traffic flow light right now. it's building again as the volume comes off of 85 and 101 the split. 85 and 101 meet. over here, we'll look at the maps again, overall, the bay, nothing really unexpected, aside from the crash and the big backup coming into livermore out of the pass and bay bridge toll plaza where the lights are on. and again we expect 580 to clear. 7:00 or 8:00 is the best question do as far as the estimate from chp. they're doing the best they can. a lot of produce and potentially other issues with the possible fuel spill as well for friday. i don't know about your kids, but mine won't eat bruised bananas. >> we'll make smoothies, it's all right. glimmer of hope, new cease-fire in works between israel and hamm. we have new information just in. plus a hot summer day turns deadly as a lightning storm takes hundreds of beach goers by
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back now good monday morning to you. probably a little caught off guard to see all the shower activity on the radar. most of which is still to the south of monterrey, but as we progress throughout the morning, we are expecting a lot of this to make its way into the bay area. we'll tell you when we're expecting showers in your neighborhood, plus, as the sun comes up over the bay area. we are getting some spectacular sunrise photos, and live cameras. we'll show you those in moments.
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and we have a live look at the san mateo bridge, westbound away from us. moving very smoothly to the peninsula. it is over in the east bay, actually coming into the tri-valley that we have the big issue blocking half of the freeway. 580 and the latest word and a cig alert coming up. hamas and israeli leaders are considering a new cease-fire proposal presented just hours ago by the united nations security council. the u.n. called for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire so it can get aid to thousands of palestinians who are hurt. international police team failed to reach the crash flight of a malaysian airlines plane for the second day in a row. that team had to turn back about 20 miles from where the plane was shot down because of fighting that was too intense. city of san bruno uncovered 40 violations of state law in regards to the relationship between pge and the public utility's commission.
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at a news conference today, the city plans to unveil more about what it describes as a too cozy relationship between pge and the agency that is supposed to regulate it. the warm weekend came to an abrupt halt for people on the beach at southern california. several people were hurt and one killed in a sudden lightning storm. a 20-year-old man died after he was struck by lightning at venice beach and several other people who were in or near the water were also hurt. those bolts touched down in the middle of the afternoon yesterday at the crowded beach. witnesses say the sky grew dark without warning. >> the loudest clap of thunder i've ever heard in my life because they were so close. i thought it was like a bomb almost. >> you heard this crack, they are giant bolt up in the sky i've never seen anything like that. i'm from the midwest, we see lots of lightning. >> 30 people people injured. one critically. about the same time venice beach was being hit, a 57-year-old man
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was hit in catalina island. we have a live update from venice beach planned for you coming up in about 30 minutes. well bad news for people hoping to enjoy a summer vacation on lake tahoe. the drought taking a toll on boating and rafting around the popular lake. starting today, the sand harbor boat ramp on tahoe's northeast shore will be closed for the rest of the summer season. the water level too low to launch both -- boats safely. crews may have to halt soon because of obstacles getting in and out of the water. owners of the river rafting companies say the truckee river, they've had to pull the plug on raft tours, just not enough water. closer to home beaches at two popular east bay lakes will remain closed. at least through today. officials shut down all beaches at shadow cliffs lake last week because of dangerous levels of e. coli. and in oakland, swimmers could not cool down because of toxic algae. the east bay regional park district says tests will be done
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this morning to see if those beaches are safe to reopen. and now time to check our forecast as we look live at san jose this morning. a very pretty start to the day. if you are inside looking out, if you're outside, you probably seem a little bit muggy. >> all weekend, good morning. >> good morning to you. but you know what, that he has that humidity, the clouds are going to keep temperatures from soaring into the triple digits. all be it, it's going to be muggy and you'll notice that. we have a pretty good chance for showers today. and you know what, ladies, that moisture is good for our skin. so you might actually not like what it does to your hair, but you like what it does to your skin. keeps it nice and moist. and i can tell you, we are going to keep this humidity going for the next couple days. there's your benefit. of course, then we have, of course some things that aren't so great that coincide with this humidity. if off swamp cooler for example instead of a ac, and i grew up with one, it worked well down in palm springs.
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i can tell you it's not going to work well for today. and tomorrow that'll be the case as well. then as we get into the end of the week, the drier air mass returns and yes, you're cooler as it's more popularly known as. i'm calling a swamp cooler. that is what we're looking across the bay area. live radar shows you all that activity still well to our south, but it is starting to move closer and closer. we've had a few flashes of green over monterrey at this point. so all that activity is working its way from south to north, it'll be here in the south bay. mostly cloudy overcast sky. we're expecting that through about 9:00 a.m. overlooking the santa clara valley. what you'll see here is a shallow marine layer. not enough to keep us cool and what a cool picture, speaking of which, coming in from san francisco. we don't typically get morningings that look like this. ominous sky overhead. that's an indication of the midlevel clouds and low clouds. we do have committee competing air masses on shore flow takes control, but not until the end of the week. san francisco shows you an
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overcast sky as well. temperatures because of the southeasterly flow, we have water temperatures that are still in the mid-60s. so this is one benefit that we do get, but remember, if you're headed out to the beach, you want to keep your eye on the sky. if it starts getting dark, seek shelter. 65 degrees in monterrey. 63 in santa cruz. and like i said before, we're counting on the action here in the south bay at about 9:30. we'll track it for you. highs today work like this, 89 in the south bay. warmer with the humidity throughout. 81 for the east shore and 70 degrees in san francisco. let's show you the rest of the week, temperatures are really going to stay steady. here's the deal. we will lose that humidity, it's going to feel more like 89 degrees once we hit that on thursday. same for friday, drier air mass overahead. >> we need a dehydrator suit. too much information. over here towards the bay bridge. metering lights are on and standard flow of traffic out of the maize and off of the east
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shore freeway. no surprises here. look at the maps, and we're looking at entire quadrant here. the upper east shore freeway across the bring. and even 24 through lafayette, also in towards the tunnel. move very smoothly there. again, slow drive for west 580 jammed up towards the greenville road where we have the 7:00 or 8:00 update. the traffic is jammed up. we don't expect them to clear until 7:00 or 8:00. all the produce loaded on the big rig that is over on its side and potentially we have a fuel spill. haven't heard any updates on that. we have just two lanes open for west 580 to greenville. making things lighter, a lot lighter. northbound routes through the south bay, okay, north 101 slowing just north of 680. over here, southbound 85 at homestead, reports of a power pole and wires down and a fire there as well. we're tracking that in the newsroom, so far, i don't see slowing on the sensors, watch the scene, if they put cones out, move over, you don't want to touch the power lines. smooth drive, peninsula, let's
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take a quick look at palo alto. traffic flowing smoothly. in through the haze that christina's talking about. no problem for visibility, however, we are looking for the potential of that because we are losing the tops of the thundershowers and north side, we're losing the north tower as well. we're watching that as it develops, back to you. >> thank you, mike. live look at at&t park this morning where the buzz around the ball park, a little somber as the giants were swept by the rival dodgers over the weekend. they are now one and a half games out of first place. the past is the past, and tonight the giants will look to right the ship as they welcome in the pittsburgh pirate ts. you can catch the action right here on nbc bay area, our coverage starts right after our 6:00 newscast at 7:00. how about good news, angel pgaen, manager bruce bochy plans to decide whether he can start a minor league rehab assignment. he's been out since mid-june. now barring another setback,
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they hope that pgaen can return to the line-up august 5th. meantime, no timetable for brandon belt's return. he's still showing concussion symptoms, nine days after he was hit in the face by a ball. >> yeah, the news is more grim for matt cain. comcast sportsnet insider andrew baggerly reports cain has yet to pick up a ball. likely another set of scans to pinpoint the inflammation below his elbow. the giants really don't know if cain will pitch again at all this season. well from the giants to the 49ers, just four days into training camp, already the team dealing with some major injuries. running back lamichael james was carted off with a dislocated elbow. he's expected to miss at least a month. news comes just one day after the niners learned hunter will likely miss the entire season with a torn knee ligament. >> potentially out for tommy
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john's surgery. still ahead "today in the bay." the little trick they could get your kids to eat more veggies. >> let's hear it.
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you're watching "today in the bay." well good morning to you, live look outside, it is going to be humid today. we also have an update on the bay bridge coming in a second. safeway and albertson's one step closer to merging this morning on friday safeway shareholders approved the companies $9.2 billion sale to albertsons at
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safeway's headquarters in pleasanton. it's not a done deal yet. the federal trade commission has to approve it. because of the deal, safeway's headquarters will move from pleasanton to idaho where albertson's is headquartered. analysts speculate the safeway's 150 bay area stores will shrink and focus more on locally sourced and custom branded food. speaking of supermarkets, the next time you're trying to get your kids to eat veggies, here's the trick. don't tell them it's good. >> a new study says parents who play it cool say they're more likely to get kids to eat their vegetables. researchers at north western university tested kids between three and five. kids that heard how great a carrot was ate fewer carrots. >> just be cool. >> yeah. well time now 6:26, hitting the roads, jerry brown's latest effort on immigration reform. plus a miracle along the rubble in gaza.
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how doctors were able to save of life of an unborn baby whose mother was killed by an air strike. and black boxes pinpoint why that malaysia airlines plane went down in the russian border. this is fighting, keeps investigators from reaching the crash site.
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well a glimmer of hope even as rockets and shelling continue in the middle east, word of a possible cease-fire in the works between israel and hamas. we are live in washington next. good monday morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren, we're tracking showers on the radar. we're going to see more of that activity as we head throughout the day, muggy again for tomorrow, and then that dry heat returns, but not until the end of the week. we've got a lot to go over this morning in your microclimate weather forecast. and we had a crash in livermore, we have a crash in livermore block half of 580. now look at 85 as the you're
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heading through sunnyvale. entire side is closed that. we'll bring you that certainly coming up. and looking live this morning at the opening bell, ringing the bell on wall street. and nasdaq now where the count is still on, and now there's the buzzer. that's prospect capitol ringing the bell this morning. or pressing the buzzer. today is july 28th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning everyone, happy monday, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. a story developing by the minute in the middle east. rockets flying through the air despite the u.n. security council calling for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire overnight. all the violence happening on a major muslim holiday. tracy potts joins us now from washington, d.c., and tracy,
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both sides are calling on the u.n.'s statement, calling it a little too little too late. >> reporter: exactly, both sides are seeing more violence this morning. israel launched three air strikes just this morning on what they said a rocket launchers and manufacturing facilities aimed at their people. this on what is supposed to be a holy period. it's the end of ram don, a period of prayers and a period of peace, but not necessarily so in gaza this morning. so far, the total, more than 1,000 palestinians have lost their lives in gaza on the israeli side. 43 israeli soldiers and three civilians, the palestinians argued those numbers are very lopsided and they want the u.n. to get involved. now overnight, the united nations security council issued a statement, not quite as strong as the resolution, but a statement calling for what they say is an immediate and unconditional humanitarian
6:32 am
cease-fire. but both sides criticized that action overnight. the israelis said there was no mention of the hamas rockets coming their way. the palestinians said there was no mention of the mass civilian casualties on their side. from what we're hearing right now, the peace that happened, the very short truce that happened over the weekend barely 12 hours, it looked like there's no prospect of a cease-fire, even a short one any time soon. but the u.s. and others like the u.n. are still working on it. back to you. >> hopefully something will happen. thank you, tracy. meantime, doctors managed to deliver this palestinian baby girl after her mother was killed in an israeli air strike. last week, doctors performed an emergency surgery to save the baby's live after her mother died on the ordinary, reasonable, and prudenting table. the baby is in serious condition this morning. dangerous clashes on the road leading to the wreckage of flight 17 keeping investigators from reaching the crash site near the worder there.
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meantime, ukrainian spokesman says data recovered from black boxes show the plane crashed due to a massive loss of pressure and the speculation is that was after it was punctured multiple times by that rap nel. it came from a missile. the black box is on their way to britain, in britain now for further examination. flight 17 shot down over hostile land 11 days ago, all 298 people on board died. new this morning, we should learn more about a plan to fix veteran's affairs today that would include opening dozens of new clinic across the country. va leaders plan to authorize billions of in emergency spending to lease 27 new cleanics, hire more -- clenices, hire more -- clinics, hire more doctors. there are no new clinics planned for the bay area, but there are several in the state of california. new clinics will op in chi co., chula vista, and san diego.
6:34 am
religious and diplomatic in mexico city to talk about immigration reform. this picture taken shortly after the governor arrived in mexico city yesterday. he originally went there to work on business opportunities and talk about climate change. later he'll also host a delegation of some of california's business and political leaders. his economic trade mission may lead to changes in the way that california and mexico do business. last year, more than $60 billion worth of goods and services went back and forth across the border. it is 6:34 now, we are going to check the forecast, but first we're going to look live at san jose because it is just such a pretty start to the day. clouds make for a nice sunrise. >> they do. >> meteorologist christina loren joins us now, and just as pretty as the picture too. >> well thank you. always wonderful to have you in the morning, kris, good morning, scott, everybody at home. we're in the 60s right now. i always like to put things into perspective for you though. and last night, might have been a little bit easier for you to get to sleep as temperatures
6:35 am
running anywhere between about two to seven degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. i noticed the difference in campbell. waking up with plenty of 60s and we're on our way to the 90s in the hot spots. here's the deal for today. we also have showers on the way to the bay area. very slow moving showers right now. still to the south of us, right now starting to work their way into monterrey. we'll have to wait until about 9:30. a lot of the action is into the south bay. as we progress throughout the morning. i'll be tracking the showers right here on nbc bay area all the way through 11:30. stick with us and we'll show you what's going on. look at the shallow marine layer, you can see right through it this morning. it's not going to last long. once the sun comes out throughout the next 15 minutes. i'm expecting it to burn off that quickly. same for pleasanton, you just saw, not much out there whatsoever in terms of low clouds. san francisco getting a fair amount. this will keep temperatures in the 70s. 89 degrees in the south bay, 84 for the peninsula, and # 0 degrees in san francisco. let's check your drive, here's
6:36 am
mike. >> all right christina. chopper just arrived over highway 85. one slide is carlosed, both sides -- closed, both sides are closed. i think that's the fremont off-ramp from southbound 85. they can get orientened correctly. look at that, folks are driving on to the onramp, traffic is a mess right now. mountain view, sunnyvale. what's going on, you see the blup pge truck, there's a wire down. it's a power line, and they are trying to seas how live i guess that is. meaning how much voltage going through there and whether or not they can turn that off easily. it's across it's freeway. this section of 280 right here, major portion of freeway in the south, in the silicon valley. we're hoping to get that open in the next half hour. if they don't, traffic through the area will be completely jammed up. use your surface streets through
6:37 am
the area. sunnyvale. does not take an alternate. that goes parallel towards 280 and that's not exactly the best way. but fremont it'll get you around the bulk of that on the maps here. now the other big issue is over in the tri-valley where we're looking at half your freeway closed here. west 580 at greenville because the overturned big rig. we have two major issues. this makes things lightener dublin, that's a better drive towards the interchange, bearing benefit there. typical for 880 and the bay bridge toll plaza as well. the big hot spots began, livermore, we're telling you about that all morning, now highway 85 is closed between fremont and 280 because of that downed power line. we're tracking that closely in the newsroom, back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:37, still ahead, it was like a ticking time bomb in the middle of a san jose neighborhood. what firefighters are telling thus morning about a tense situation overnight and why they say the outcome could have been much worse. plus, chaos at comic-con.
6:38 am
why the driver who ran over a woman in the streets near the conference not facing charges this morning.
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6:40 am
new morning, six students who survived south korea's ferry disaster say they never received any help from the ship's crew. students are urging the court to punish the ship's crew who escaped first and abandoned passengers as the ferry was sinking.
6:41 am
the captain and ship operators did not appear. they are facing charges ranging from homicide to negligence and abandoning ship. more students are expected to testify tomorrow. take a look at this, it's a car plowing through the crowd during comic-con's annual zombie walk in san jose. there you see it. police say the driver and his family who are all deaf waited for the large crowd to clear. the crowd actually hit the car several times. the family got really frightened, tried to drive off. moments later they actually hit a woman who was not even participating in the event. the woman suffered a broken arm. police made no arrests, they're investigating, apparent lip there will be no charges this morning against the driver. >> zombies, it's just a wild mob. >> with kids in the car, i'd do the same. 6:41, tense moments in san jose. the fear of explosions forcing crews to evacuate an entire neighborhood. blocked by bananas.
6:42 am
the spill causing major problems for your morning drive. and a hot summer day turns deadly as a lightning storm takes hundreds of people at beach by surprise. we'll tell you what witnesses say happened moments before that chaos. and highway 85 at homestead road in sunnyvale. traffic stopped there. you can see it bearly in the distance as they power line down and it is going to have a cascading effect on your morning commute.
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you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather, and traffic on "today in the bay." and we'll start with some breaking news. look at this mess. a fallen powerline causing a mess of the morning commute in the south bay. you are looking on highway 85, just about at sunnyvale. both directions shut down. crews are removing a power line that's strung on the road. it's down just beyond the bridge there. everyone under the bridge is turning around going the other
6:45 am
way. we have no idea when crews will have this scene cleared, but it is a gigantic mess. and happening now, massive load of bananas and an overturned big rig is causing a massive headache for the morning drive near livermore. you look live, rather, this is what's happening now. being overrighted, big rig collided with a stopped pickup truck on interstate 580 just after the pass in the commute direction. no word yet on why the pickup stopped on the highway in the first place. the big rig veered across lanes before tipping over spilling most of its 60,000 pounds of bananas. now the ironic thing is that it is making an mess of the morning commute for folks coming from tracy, because those folks can't make it to the bay area, traffic is actually a little bit lighter. mike inouye is tracking delays in both of those areas. we're going to join him with an update in just a minute. also new this morning, it was a tense hour in san jose. crews overnight working quickly to put out a fire near a propane
6:46 am
depot. crew hus to shut down interstate 280 in both directions for about 20 minutes. and evacuate the neighborhood for a while. everything's safe though now. investigators say the fire started outside this propane farm and trees quickly made its way towards the tanks. crews called for backup. managed to stop those flames before any explosions or leaks. investigators still trying to figure out how it all happened. this happened around 11:00 last night near interstate 280 and sixth street. chaos at a southern california beach as the lightning storm strikes without warning. one man dead. several others recovering this morning. nbc's joe frier joins us live. witnesses say it was unlike any that they have ever seen or heard before in that area. >> reporter: yeah, it really caught a lot of people off guard and was quite surprising. we should tell you this morning there is a lightning risk. earlier today we saw some lightning out over the water and forecasters say there is still a risk here until noon today local
6:47 am
time. yesterday, the beach was packed as you can imagine, venice beach on a sunday afternoon. witnesses say the storm rommed in pretty quickly. they heard this incredible thunderous boom. some of the people who were either on the beach or in the water say they could feel the electricity jolting through their bodies. at the scene, 13 people were treated for injures -- injuries, eight were taken to hospitals. unfortunately a 20-year-old man did pass away at the hospital. we heard from another young man who was swimming in the water and said that he could feel the electricity jolting through his body. he was knocked unconscious and his friend came and were able to pull him out of the water. he was treated at the hospital and is doing okay. we'll have much more from people who were here, you'll hear from witnesses and we'll tell you more about some of the surprising statistics about just how rare these fatal lightning strikes are in southern california. that's all coming up in just a few minutes on the requested today show," back to you. >> thank you very much, joe.
6:48 am
in the men time, let's check our own freese, give you a live look out at san jose. we'll check the forecast with christina loren, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. yeah, we have a lot to go over in just a little bit of time. first and foremost, thanks for wabing up with us, mondays are tough, heat is tough. i have good news, we're expecting a little bit of shower activity for today and then by the end of the week, our pattern is going to dramatically change. we'll get that dry heat back. and things are going to feel a lot more standard for the bay area. but not until the end of the week. we have a couple humid days to get through first. 61 degrees, good morning to you in san jose. good morning to you out in livermore at 62. and 57 degrees this morning down in san martin. this is what we're working with as far as shower goes right now. smoesly still over slow, starting to get more action in the monterrey area. and all this is slated to slide all the way into the san jose area through about 9:30 this morning. that's what we're watching for.
6:49 am
mt. hamilton, mostly cloudy conditions, that's all burning off fast. same for pleasanton. that's all that's left of the low clouds there. here in san francisco, overcast start to the day, but sunny finishes and temperatures are going to be really mild. out there on the water yet again, with the return of that southeasterly flow, we're at # 5 degrees in the water in monterrey. this is what a lot of people are asking me about, how long will that last? hopefully for thefection couple days and as winds shift, we'll get that colder ocean water. 89 degrees for the south bay today. peninsula's at 84 and 81 on the east shore. let's look why the your drive. traffic alert, here's mike inouye. barely a draif -- drive, not even move. homestead, the chopper location is there. these folks are going south, getting turnened around underneath the overpass and going back up the onramp. that's why traffic controlling the entire area. now they're trying to not to send folks on northbound 280 because it's jammed there. this downed power line, all the
6:50 am
way across both sides and the power pole, fire that was there. that's what causing all of this. you can see it draped here and we have crews already. folks are assessing the situation before they can begin to address the situation. i'm looking at the late et cetera updates and they're saying you know what, try to open one lane, as you can see, it's not yet opened. well, let's look at the map. both directions of 85 at fremont and homestead itself is really jammed up, there's the 280 overpass. you saw there and traffic the not going through the area. again northbound 85 at homestead. jammed up, southbound, that's causing a jam, back towards 237 and that's going to ripple back as well. alternates, there's mary, hollenbeck, and highway 9. as you can get up and down there. over towards foothill expressway, they might tyke you 280 through the area as well. lots of options for you. that's going to add surface street traffic through the area entire through sunnyville. by comparison, that is a typical
6:51 am
pattern for 85 and 101. those are okay. now in the tri-valley as kris told you earlier, that you have downed big rig on the side of the road. and that's causing an issue. look at video from earlier. we have the rig on its side. we have to offload 60,000 pounds of bananas. we have two lanes blocked still possibly 8:00 as late as 8:00 as they are those clearing. we'll look back at maps. . see the drive westbound, that's baring benefit as phones over here. that's a little bit lighter. here 880 through hayward and the rest of the bay though, really standard flow of traffic there. i want to emphasize that, back to you guys. we're expecting another major announcement from the city of san bruno. it has to do with pge and the gas line explosion four years ago. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from san bruno. the city accusing both sides of having this very questionable relationship. >> reporter: correct. good morning to you, scott, and just over a couple of hours from now. the mayor of san bruno along with his colleagues will make this quote, major announcement.
6:52 am
announcing what action they're going to take after they on stain documents that shows illegal conduct between the california public utilities commission and pacific gas and electric. why is this significant? the cpuc is the regulatory body that oversees pge. right now it's in the process of trying to figure out how to penalize utility for its role in the gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people and levelled a san bruno neighborhood nearly four years ago. if there is quote a cozy relationship between both entities, then the question becomes, how can the commission be impartial when it comes to calculating the penalty to pge's role in that explosion. now among those document os were 7,000 documents that the city obtained through a lawsuit is in an e-mail from michael peevy, he's president of the puc. in this e-mail, he gives them pr advice on how to handle the federal indictment against the utility, state lawmaker jerry hill who represents san bruno
6:53 am
calls that relationship too cozy, too close, and inappropriate. >> what that showed me is that three and a half years after the explosion and fire in san bruno, the relationship between pge and the puc which should be at arm's length, is as close as possible and as close as it has always been. >> reporter: pacific gas and electric did release this statement in response to the release of the documents. we're absolutely committed to conducting ourselves in an ethical manner at all times. we will reveal all of the e-mails involved to ensure that this high standard was upheld, unquote. we reached out to the cpuc, it said in a statement it did comply with the information request for the documents but did not weigh in on the other accusations. again the city of san bruno holding this news conference on the steps of the california public utility's commission, 9:00, headquartered in san francisco. reporting live here in san bruno, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> have the results at 11:00,
6:54 am
thank you. state senator calling far probe into the construction problems on the new bay bridge. state senator from concord says yet to be released investigative reports suggest caltrans accepted substandard work at tax payer expense. he wants experts to examine the welds and foundations for defects. some of the issuings have been publicized in prior reports. a state senate hearing is scheduled for next month. today prosecutors will try to convince a judge that there is enough evidence to try a man accused of pretending to be a police officer in order to sexually assault undocumented immigrants. san francisco police say jeffrey buga dressed up like a cop and lured central americans who spoke little english to his home. then once there, he forced them to perform sex acts, threatening them with deportation if they reported anything. he pleaded not guilty to charges earlier this month, his preliminary hearing is set for today, his bail is set at $2
6:55 am
million. former state senator leland ye's political consultant scheduled to enter a plea in court today. this is keith jackson who was swoopd up in the fbi raids that snabed ye and raymond shrimp boy chow. he is named in the federal corruption and organized crime indictment. he's accused of funneling contributions to ye in exchange for political favors. and happening today, crews are returning to two peninsula cities for a second round of spring to fight off west nile. san mateo and hillsborough were sprayed last monday, but despite that effort, county officials say mosquitos have sense tested positive for the virus. here is where the spraying is going to take place tonight. roughly bordered by peninsula and second avenues in san mateo, north idaho street and the lane in hillsborough. the fogging scheduled to take place between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. it is 6:55 now. one last check of the top
6:56 am
stories. this morning, burlingame-based virgin america is going public. they recorded net income of more than $10 million last year after reporting a los of 145 million the year before. hamas and israeli leaders considering a new cease-fire proposal presented by the u.n. security council. u.n. called for an immediate an unconditional humidtarian cease-fire -- humanitarian cease-fire. traffic backed up for mimes near livermore as drivers navigate towards an overturned big rig. truck spilled nearly 60,000 pound of fruit after colliding with a stopped pickup truck. we have learned one additional lane is back open, so now three lanes are open, one lane is closed. should be open completely between 8:00 and 9:00. who would know best -- >> mike inouye. >> power line down too, good morning. >> first bananas, this is a bigger concern. scott talked about the power line as well. this is a curious situation. # 5, folks are getting off the
6:57 am
freeway at the onramp and being routed back on to surface streets. this is at homestead, that's the overacrossing here. let's just show you, because there's a wire down. now scott, the power line we just got word from chp. they think it might be a phoneline, that might help things. let's get off the shot and back to the maps. closure right now from what i understand, they reopened the southbound side, at least one or two lanes past fremont avenue down towards homestead. we won't have all the lanes open. the northbound side, we is that true, folks getting routed off and back on just north of 280. and that'll be the reroute through the area. they're watching for that, and of course if we doe have the phone lines and the power lines, they can pull that out and figure out how to fix that. right now, fremont back and forth over toward sunniville, that's your north, south route here. south of 280, that'll take you through the area that'll be very crowded, it's already very crowded. and it's going to be more congested. grant over two foothill
6:58 am
expressway over towards 280 as well. those are alternates, but things are building in this particular part of the south bay in silicon valley right now. now, we follow that and the potential of bag phoneline. the rest of the south bay looks nice and no problems for 87 or 101. we will show you the tri-valley as well. big backup. rest of the bay okay, over here in livermore, big jam, we're looking at that video that we took just a little bit earlier. that's jammed because of an overturned big rig has one laned blocked instead of three. one lane blocked as you're approaching greenville, that is traffic jammed up towards the pass. that actually is bearing benefit for folks in the dublin interchange keeping traffic held up there. so i guess they always say there's a silver lining to everything going on there. no injuries reported from that overturned big rig. that's the good news and the folks in dublin are happy because even's held up. >> thanks, mike. christina loren joins us now with a last look at the weather. maybe showers later this
6:59 am
afternoon. >> yeah, a little bit. don't forget to grab the umbrella in the south bay. aver all, only a couple days of july left before we kick off august. you can see, showers working their way towards the bay area, we're expecting that action here in the south baby about 9:30. we will keep you updated on nbc bay area. i'm tracking your weather live every 15 minutes. you may not knee, but i do it -- know that, but i do it every day. >> we love seeing it. greeting people with a handshake may be not as healthy as you think. doctors suggesting a safer solution. >> new research says that this bump may be high againic than handshakes when greeting your doctor. researchers found that the handshake transmits ten times the amount of bacteria compared to the system. experts say maybe hand off approach is best for doctors and patients. fist bump has been popularized in recent years by athletes and of course president obama and the first lady. >> very cool. >> dalai lama.
7:00 am
>> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with live local news updates including lots of traffic. >> that's right. and of course join us right here for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. chaos on venice beach. a freak lightning strike kills one man and injures another on a popular california beach. while in the south, a tornado damages homes in tennessee. pressure's on. the president calls for israel's prime minister for a cease-fire. but the fighting goes on today. the death toll topping 1,000. the overnight immediate stop to the bloodshed by the u.n. goes unheeded. where was she? a new hampshire girl after missing for nine months suddenly returns home.


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